The Quebec Marine Association is proud to present statistical data that shows the magnitude of the marine industry in Quebec. Going from tourism marketing, to the economic weight of the marine sector and the procedures to follow in order to be an eco-friendly boat owner, dive into the following studies to further understand the importance of this industry.

Nautisme et environnement
Author : Avis et Rapport presented by Grégoire DOLTO, established by the group "Environnement" of CSNPSN, prepared by Rachel MOREAU adopted at the Plénière Assembly on the 21th of november 2007. (ONLY AVAILABLE IN FRENCH)

This first study by the ECNI (European Confederation of Nautical Industries) demonstrates that over 80% of marine pollution is caused by land based activities and concludes that boating represents less than 1% of the pollution that reaches the sea.


Nautical activities : What impact on the evironment : A life cycle approach for "Clear Blue" Boating
Author : Rachel Moreau, Consultant, One Step Ahead SARL - France in collaboration with: Dr. Peter Jansen, architect, urban aqua - Germany; Dr. Hartmut Mayer, consultant, mechanic engineer - Germany; Dipl. Ing. Klaus Roeder shipbuilding architect, Carpe Diem Yacht Design - Germany; Ken Wittamore, consultant, certified mechanic engineer, Triskel Consultants Ltd – United Kingdom

For the European Confederation of Nautical Industries  (ECNI) this second edition follows the life cycle of a pleasure boat and aims to find its environmental impact starting from creating the concepts to the construction, use and finally end with the question of what to do with a boat that’s out of use.


Economic Impact of the Canadian Recreational Boating Industry: 2012
Author: Hickling, Arthurs, Low
Written by Hickling, Arthurs, for the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) Canada.


L’impact économique du nautisme de plaisance au Canada : rapport sommaire 2006
Author : Découvrez le nautisme Canada (ONLY AVAILABLE IN FRENCH)

Brief summary of the study on the economic impact of the Canadian recreational boating industry done in 2006 by Smith Gunther Associates Ltd. and Genesis Research Inc. for Découvrez le nautisme.


Plan stratégique de développement et de marketing du tourisme nautique

Document summarizing the study led by the DBSF Group on the development of the marine industry in Quebec. The document states the final conclusions found by the study. It was requested by Tourisme Québec.


Plan stratégique de développement et de marketing du tourisme nautique - Rapport final

This document is the final report on the study led by DBSF for Tourisme Québec and its partners in developing the marine industry in Quebec.