Marinas Classification Program

Created in 2006, the Marinas classification program fits into the Quebec Marine Association mission and aims to revitalize the marina network. The program is geared towards the quality of infrastructures and the array of services offered to boaters in the context of sustainable navigation.

In order to create this classification program, the association made multiple researches and put together a first report that was given to a comity of experts in marina management.  Then, to ensure the relevance and reliability of the program, thus preserving its integrity, the QMA chose to outsource an external partner who is objective and impartial, whose expertise in renowned for this type of operation and who the concerned parties can trust. They reached out to the Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Québec (CITQ), already in charge of managing similar programs in various sectors of accommodations for the government of Quebec. They were given the task of reviewing their standard document while consulting with experts coming from marinas, and once adapted, managing the program created in 2006.

The program is on a voluntary basis and an incentive to motivate marinas to maintain a high-quality standard of service offered to the benefit of boaters. This way, marinas have an objective and trustworthy tool on hand to help them make decisions about the marina, as port of call or as home port. From a larger perspective, it also helps stimulate nautical tourism in Quebec, whose contribution to the economic development is not to be ignored.

The Marinas Classification Program is an objective reference for the array and quality of services offered by each marina. They are rated on a scale of 0 to 5 golden anchors, representing high standards of quality.

More than fifty marinas have been certified since the beginning of the program: