The QMA launched the Eco-Marina program in 2007. This certification program attests to the environmentally-friendly management of marinas.

Eco-Marina aims to improve the environment management system in marinas. It touches all aspects of their operations: maintenance and boat repair, dock management, refueling procedures, pumping stations, waste management (reduce, reuse, recycle), etc.

Water being the main resource for nautical activities, this program responds to the urgent need to contribute proactively to the preservation of water quality in the hydro network of Quebec. It also aims to get boaters to adopt good and eco-friendly habits.

The program is free for members of the QMA and the costs of the evaluation procedure is covered by the association.

Marinas that sign up to it go through a certification audit after which they are ranked from 1 to 5 Eco drops. These drops are symbols of the balance between pure water and marine flora that needs to be preserved. The Corporation de l'Industrie Touristique du Québec (CITQ) is in charge of running the audits for the Eco-Marina certification.

We congratulate all the certified marinas that demonstrate their willingness to preserve the environment, and that the cause is at the heart of their concerns.