Whether you’re on a long-term boating trip or a week-end boating getaway, it’s essential to be eco-friendly.

When you’re boating, the quality of the navigable water is a key element. In order to protect the cleanliness of our waterways, various measures can be taken daily.

Here are a few tip for eco-friendly boating:

  • • Keep your bilge clean! Don’t empty out polluted water that has oil or hydrocarbons in it overboard.
  • • To contain the hydrocarbons from the water in your bilge, put absorbing tissues made for that purpose in the motor compartment of your bilge.
  • • When disposing of toilet water, be sure to use a holding tank, often referred to as a “black tank”. Do not throw it overboard.
  • • Respect all federal and provincial laws on waste water, including those on the quality of the environment.
  • • Throw your garbage out in the containers that serve that purpose at marinas, or bring them home. Don’t pollute nature.
  • • Use detergents sparingly, even biodegradable detergents are dangerous for the aquatic environment.
  • • When filling up, beware of overflowing!
  • • Clean off all traces of spilt fuel with absorbing tissues and dispose of them properly.
  • • Only use authorized anti-fouling paints.
  • • Avoid contributing to the erosion of the shore. Watch your wake and the wash from propellers.
  • • Notify any cases of pollution that you witness.


The Quebec Marine Association (QMA) remains conscious of the impact boating has on the environment. They’ve created a program called Eco-Marina, attesting to the eco-friendly management of certified marinas.

To learn more about how to keep your boating eco-friendly, you can check out the article Discover Boating or Loi sur la qualité de l’environnement (only available in French) from the government of Quebec.