The Quebec Marine Association is a non-profit organization whose goal is to represent the water sport and boating industries across the province. It supports and defends its members in different spheres of boating safety, sustainable development, economic development and nautical tourism.

The QMA is a Sectorial Tourism Association (STA) and with this title, its mission is to promote all the marine destinations in Quebec. As matter of fact, its own program Quebec Nautical Stations, is spear-heading the campaign.

QMA is geared towards seeing progress in pleasure boating and water sports, developing the infrastructures for a network of marinas and developing programs for eco-friendliness. They’ve created programs such as Marina Classification and Eco-Marinas to reach these goals.

They are also the official promoters of the annual Montreal Boat and Water Sports Show as well as the In-Water Boat Show. In 2013 they also launched the Quebec Nautical Fest which reunites all the nautical companies throughout Quebec.


The Quebec Marine Association is:

• 20 years of service experience in the marine industry

• Over 300 corporate members spread out over various sectors of the marine industry and over 9 000 individual members that are boat owners.

• The promotion of an industry that contributes over 5,88 billion to the economy of Quebec and whose activities are associated to over 800 000 boat owners.

Distribution of members by category in 2017: